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I was not able to pass my RQI course. What can I do?

On Site Corporate CPR Classes

American Heart Association RQI

The American Heart Association offers these RQI courses all across the United States and trains hundreds of thousands of medical and healthcare professionals every year. 

In rare situations, there could be some problems that arise, but we are here to help. Below are some possible reasons why there was an issue, followed by solutions on how to finish your course. 

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Why Could I Not Pass My RQI Course?

CPR class injuries

Pre-existing Injury

Performing CPR is physically exhausting.
Performing chest compressions on the manikin can hurt your hands, wrists, arms, or body. If you have any pre-existing conditions with your wrists (pain, carpal tunnel, weakness, or injury), we suggest you wait until you are feeling better. For those who are not able to physically pass, we offer an alternative called the BLS Advisor certification card.

Online CPR Course

Problem with Software or the Manikin

In rare instances, it is possible to have a problem with the software or manikin. Our staff monitors and tests the software and manikins in person on a regular basis. We are also able to monitor and test the equipment remotely and replace when needed. 

Each office has one and sometimes two back-up stations to be on the safe side. If one station is not working, we advise our students to use the other one, and we quickly schedule a service call to get it back up and running. 

BVM skills testing in CPR Class

Student Error

It is possible that due to student error, the skills are not  being done properly. The most common error is incorrect use of bag valve mask. In this picture, the student does not have a correct seal and is not performing the proper head tilt – chin lift method. 

Students must watch the mandatory review videos before their skills testing. Our studies have shown that students who watch all the review videos pass the class about 50% quicker than those who did not watch the video. 

Solutions - What we can do to help you.

CPR Class Rescheduling

Come Back And Try Again

We highly recommend for you to come back and try again. The second time around is much easier. You have already done the hard work of passing the online course, so all that is left is completing the skills testing. 

Fill out this form to reschedule your course. You do not need to pay the reschedule fee, if you are rescheduling due to not passing the first time. 

BLS classes in Bay Area

Virtual Assistance

During your skills testing, we have virtual instructors who can help you. You can call us during your skills testing and one of our friendly staff can view the cameras and assist you in passing the course. 

When you arrive to the classroom be sure to bring your phone, so you can call us for assistance. 

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