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Lowest Prices in Northern CA

Safety Training Seminars offers the lowest priced American Heart Association ACLS, PALS, BLS, CPR, & First-aid Classes in the entire Bay Area & Sacramento.If you find a class that has a lower price that follows AHA guidelines, we will match the price. In order to qualify for this, there are a few conditions. 

♥ The other CPR training school must offer American Heart Association courses and be a local Northern California company. Note some companies teach classes from other organizations (non-AHA), and their cards may not be accepted.

♥ The other CPR training school must clearly state the American Heart Association book policy and course times on their course description page. This means the other company’s website must state that the American Heart Association book is required for all students and must list their course time according to American Heart Association standards. Beware of CPR companies that do not follow AHA guidelines.

♥ This offer cannot be used after you take the course with us or on the day of the course. Not valid for courses offered by hospitals or universities (only from private CPR companies).

♥ If you find a course that costs less, we will match the price. Fill out this short form and we can check if you qualify.

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Lowest Priced CPR Classes in Bay Area
Online CPR Fraud

Bay Area Fraud Warning

There are some Bay Area schools that teach ACLS, PALS, and BLS classes at lower prices by not following American Heart Association guidelines or who do not offer official American Heart Association certification. If you take an unlicensed course, you would have to retake a class and pay for the training again.

Let us know if you find a CPR school who is not following AHA guidelines and we can help you report them. 

Bay Area Medical Professionals Face Disciplinary Action

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