Promo/Billing Code
When you register, use the following promo codes for billing: St Marys: Stmarys or St Francis: Stfrancis. After you register, we view your name, and hospital to make sure you are approved for the class. If you are not approved, we will contact you. Call us if you have any questions about registration: 415-437-1600.












Online Courses & Skills Testing one on one with the VAM (voice assisted manikin). An instructor will not be present.

Do you need to reschedule. We offer free rescheduling for dignity. Go here to reschedule your course.


RQI (Resuscitation Quality Improvement)
The American Heart AssociationⒸ & Safety Training Seminars now offer RQI skills testing. You will take the online course and then come in to skills test with a VAM (voice assisted manikin). During the skills testing, an instructor will not be present, since the manikin & computer will guide you through your skills. Initial or renewal students can take this course.

Cancellation Policy
Give us much notice as possible that you want to cancel by calling us. There is no charge to reschedule.

We look forward to seeing you in class,

Safety Training Seminars
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