BLS, ACLS, PALS, First-aid, And CPR Classes

Are You Ready For Your Upcoming Course?

Start of Class & Your Friendly Instructor

Your instructor should arrive about 10-15 minutes before the start time of your class. Our instructors are very aware about the importance of starting the class on time and how everyone’s time is valuable. 

In very rare situations, our instructors could run into a traffic accident, heavy traffic, or another unfortunate problem that could cause them to arrive late. They all have phones and will contact you in case of an emergency. 


Course Details

On Site Corporate CPR Classes

Space Requirement

We have taught classes in all sorts of locations such as boats, small dental offices, and outside. Our instructors are very flexible and can work around the setting.

It is best to have a TV/DVD player in the front of the room and chairs for the students. Tables are not required. 



CPR Breathing Mask

Keychain CPR Masks For Your Staff

At the conclusion of the class, we ask students if they can write a quick online review. In exchange, they can pick up a keychain CPR breathing mask ($10 value).

These are not used in class, however they are excellent to have in case of an emergency to protect the rescuer from airborne and bloodborne diseases. 


CPR class injuries

Pre-exisiting Conditions

Performing CPR is physically exhausting
Performing chest compressions on the manikin can hurt your hands, wrists, arms, or body. If any of your staff have any pre-existing conditions with their wrists (pain, carpal tunnel, weakness, or injury), we suggest they wait until they are feeling better.

Or you could have those students talk to the instructor before the class. 

TV Requirements and Invoicing

TV/DVD Rental Requirement

We ask that you provide a TV with a DVD player and remote. It is also okay to have a projection screen that can play a DVD. 

If you do not have a TV and DVD player, you can rent one from us for $40. 



Invoice & Payment

You do not need to have payment ready on the day of the class. In fact, our instructors do not accept payment. 

Shortly after your course, we will send you the invoice by mail and by email. We ask that the invoices be paid within 30 days. 


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