BLS Heartcode (Online/eLearning) Course



Course Name: BLS Heartcode (Initial or Renewal)
Online Course Length: 1-2 hours (at your home). We email you the online course within 1 business day after your registration.
Skills Testing: 1 hour (At one of our testing sites. An instructor will not be present)
Description: CPR (adult, children, & infant), 2 person CPR, AED, bag valve mask
Price: $120 (this includes the online course, skills testing, and American Heart Association certification card)
Certification: American Heart Association© BLS. You will receive your BLS CPR eCard on the day of the class.

RQI (Resuscitation Quality Improvement) Program 
The American Heart Association and Safety Training Seminars now offers RQI BLS skills testing. Students will skills test with a VAM (voice assisted manikin). During the skills testing, an instructor will not be present, since the manikin and computer will guide you through your skills. Initial or BLS renewal students can take this BLS course. Performing CPR on a manikin or a real person is physically exhausting. By registering for a class, you understand that performing chest compressions on the manikin can hurt your hands, wrists, arms, or body. If you have pre-exisiting problems with your wrists (pain, carpal tunnel, weakness, or injury), we suggest you take the regular instructor led classroom course. The manikins are exactly the same, but the live instructor can sometimes work around your physical issues.

Where is my Online Course
The online courses are sent out each day by the end of the business day. If you register for a course after 4 pm, you will receive it the next day. If you register on a Friday after 4 pm, you will receive it on Monday.
  1. Check your junk mail folder.
  2. Are you with UCSF? These usually take 2 days, since your department has to approve your course.
  3. If you have not received your online course in more than a day, then contact us.

Cancellation Policy
There are absolutely no refunds after you register and pay for the course, since the AHA does not refund for courses once they are started. However, you can reschedule by paying the $25 fee each time you need to reschedule. 

I have already completed my online American Heart Association BLS course. What should I do?
If you have already paid for the American Heart Association BLS online course and just need the skills testing, go to this link:
Skills Only

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