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Sacramento Midtown BLS, ACLS, PALS Courses

RQI (Resuscitation Quality Improvement)
Instead of spending all day in the classroom, you can now take an online course by the American Heart Association, then come to our classroom for the skills testing with a VAM (voice assisted manikin). An instructor will not be present, since the VAM manikin and computer will guide you through the skills. You will receive the official American Heart Association eCard immediately after the skills testing portion.

How this works
You take the American Heart Association Online course at home at your convenience.
You arrive to our location to practice and test your skills with the voice assisted manikin.
After passing the skills testing, you will receive the American Heart Associationcard immediately.

Tips for the Skills Testing
If you do not pass the skills testing the first time, don’t worry. It is very rare to pass on the first or second attempt. Most people pass the skills on the third or fourth attempt.
Make sure you allow full chest recoil.
Switch rolls quickly when doing two person CPR.
Pause when you see the Red Stop icon on the computer.
Count out loud when doing compressions.
Make sure you tilt the head back on the adult and infant.
Use the step stool under the manikin if needed.
When giving breaths with the bag valve mask, tilt head back.

Entry Instructions
You have booked a time slot. Please do not show up early or late. Try to arrive very close to your exact arrival time, so you will have time to complete your skills testing. This location has two rooms: Room A and B. Please use your designated room.

We are on the 2nd floor. Go up the stairs and we are at the top of the stairs in Suite F. The day before your class, we will send you entrance instructions.

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