Paper Cards Vs eCards

The American Heart Association issues both paper cards and eCards. The paper cards will still be issued through 2020 which means paper cards are valid through the end of 2022. After 2022, only eCards will be valid. Safety Training Seminars currently issues eCards in their courses, but just like every CPR company and hospital in the USA, we issued paper cards in the past. PAPER CARDS ARE VALID THROUGH 2022.

What can I do if my school or company does not accept the paper card? 
Your school or hospital must accept the paper card, since at the time of your class, there were only paper cards. The American Heart Association does not allow us to issue both a paper card and an eCard. If you are still having problems, they can call the American Heart Association at 800-242-8721. Or you can show them this official statement from the American Heart Association which explains about the paper cards.

Paper Card Reference Guide – 2018