CE Credits

Safety Training Seminars is an approved continuing education provider of the California Board of Registered Nursing. Our Provider number is CEP16557.

ACLS or PALS Heartcode eLearning Courses
1. Log on to your account at onlinelineaha.org
2. Print out your CE credits.
More Info about ACLS CE Credits
More info about PALS CE Credits

ACLS or PALS Classroom Courses
CE credits are Issued to you on the day of the class by your instructor for CA Nurses.

ACLS Renewal: 6 hours
PALS Renewal: 6 hours
ACLS Initial: 11 hours
PALS Initial: 12 hours

BLS Classes
Nurses in California are not allowed to receive CE credits for BLS training.

CE Credits for Dentists

Safety Training Seminars is an approved CE provider for the California Dental Board. Our license number is CA #4302. After attending the BLS for the Healthcare Providers, ask your instructor for the CE credits. If you did not receive your CE credits, email us your name, address, and when you took the class and we will mail it out to you.
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CE Credits for EMS Personnel

In the Subject line write CE Credits for EMS. Then let us know your name and the date your took the course. After a few days, we will email you the CE credits. The American Heart Association offers CE credits to EMS personnel for ACLS and PALS courses, but does not offer CE credits for BLS

BLS CE Credits for EMS
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Important: If you do not receive your CE credits within 7 days, please call us at 415-437-1600

Lost Card

Signed up for Wrong Class

I signed up for the Heartsaver CPR Class and need the BLS Class.
If you are in the medical or healthcare field, you must take the American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider course. On our website, before you register for the Heatsaver CPR class, there is a message that states: Do not register for this class if you are in medical or healthcare field. Also in the body of the description, it states that the Heartsaver CPR class is not for medical or healthcare professionals. If this is not clear, please let me know since I make the changes on the website. However, I understand that some people just see CPR and are in hurry and do not read through the description. Some students ask us if they can just receive the BLS card. We cannot do that, since we would lose our license to teach CPR classes. However, if you have taken the Heartsaver CPR class with us by accident and need the BLS class instead, you can bring in your Heartsaver CPR card and pay $40 (and switch books). You can take advantage of this deal within 3 months of registering for the wrong class.

I signed up for the Heartsaver CPR & First class and I need the Pediatric CPR & First-aid course since I work in a child care center and need the EMSA approved certification card.
Before you register for the Heartsaver CPR & First-aid class, it states that you should not register for the class if you are in the childcare field. EMSA has very strict rules that child care providers must take the EMSA approved Pediatric CPR and First-aid class which is 8 hours long. Please let me know if the website description is not clear so I can fix it. You can register for the Pediatric CPR and First-aid class and bring in your Heartsaver CPR and First-aid card and pay $40. This offer is valid for within 3 months after registering for the wrong class.

Call us to switch your class (Do not register on the website, otherwise you will be billed the full amount). : 415-437-1600.