Classes in Spanish

Safety Training Seminars does not offer any public CPR and First-aid courses in Spanish. However, if you have a group of 16 or more students, we can teach the CPR and First-aid course in Spanish at your location or ours. The price for the CPR and First-aid course in Spanish is $60 per person and after the course, students will receive their certification card. Call us for more information: 415-218-1330. Or if the person speaks a little English, they could take a Heartsaver CPR and First-aid class. This course does not have any written tests and it is very visual with videos and practice.


I really hope you enjoyed your instructor and your course. If you had a nice class and want to help us, word of mouth advertising is very helpful. Please tell your friends and coworkers about your training. Also, reviews help us out a lot. If you have spare few minutes, please write us a review online:


We take all complaints very seriously. If you have a complaint about our instructor or a class, please contact us, so we can make things right.


We love kids, but we are not allowed to have children or babies in our classrooms for a few reasons:  Children are just too cute and it is distracting for the parents and other participants. Also, our classrooms are not child safe. We have medications, needles, outlets, cleaning supplies, etc.

Children can take a CPR or First-aid class when they are 10 years old or over. We recommend the Heartsaver First-aid CPR AED class. Also, breastfeeding women are welcome. We usually have a break on the hour and we will try our best to accommodate you with privacy. Thanks.